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Belgium propaganda

Nazi symbols on posters of candidates in Etterbeek

Source: bx1

Etterbeek – On Wednesday, 26 September, public election panels dedicated to all aspiring political parties in Etterbeek, located on Edmond Mesens Avenue, were smeared with Nazi symbols and insulting inscriptions based on origin, sexual orientation or the physique of several candidates.

In a statement, the municipality reacts: “The Mayor’s List is particularly indignant and condemns the reproduction of swastikas and inscriptions evoking the Third Reich associated with the word” Jew “. Vincent De Wolf (MR) announced on Thursday that he lodged a complaint: “This is an unacceptable antisemitic act and a trivialization of Nazism that we can not tolerate. I have ordered, as Bourgmestre, that all these inscriptions be covered and that the police force take the necessary measures to identify the perpetrator (s) of these offenses, “explains the bourgmestre.

The press release states that The Mayor’s List condemns “just as much the inscriptions which, it seems, are based on the origin, the sexual orientation or the physique of certain candidates, and which constitute deplorable insults and stigmatizes. These are fundamentally contrary to the values of freedom and respect advocated by our political formation “.