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Britain Threat

Film screening hosted by “Jewish Voice for Labour” evacuated after bomb threat

Source: Liverpool echo

Liverpool – A bomb hoax Tuesday evening caused the cancellation of an event hosted by the Jewish Voice for Labour group as it was being held on the sidelines of the UK Labour party conference.

Some 200 people were evacuated from The Blackburne House building in Liverpool following a phone call from a man who said two devices would cause many casualties, the Liverpool Echo reported.

Other events in the building, including a Pilates class, a writers group, and a meeting of trainee teachers were also abandoned as people left the premises.

The JVL event was a screening of the “The Political Lynching of Jackie Walker” which deals with the tribulations of a Labour activist who has been accused of antisemitism.

JVL event organizer Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi told the Echo that 15 minutes after the film started a receptionist at the cultural center answered the phone and a man asked “‘Is there a Jewish event going on?”

The receptionist gave an evasive answer but the man then said “It is a big Jewish event and I want to tell you that there are two bombs that will kill many people in the building.” He then hung up.

Staff organized an evacuation of the building.

Police searched the building but did not find any explosive devices.