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Attack Germany

‘Arab-looking’ men attack Jewish Israeli in night club in Germany

Source: hessenschau

Frankfurt – Two men who have been described as having an Arab appearance attacked a Jewish Israeli man on September 7 in the city of Frankfurt, according to German media reports on Monday.

The associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, told The Jerusalem Post on Monday: “Another antisemitic attack against a Jew in a German city… apparently by two Arabs who seriously hurt an Israeli. German authorities – do you have any plan to prevent more antisemitism of this kind?”

The mass circulation Bild newspaper reported that “after a friendly conversation after a club visit,” the two suspects asked the 20-year-old Israeli about his nationality. He responded that he is “half-Israeli” and affirmed that he is Jewish. The victim described the attackers as Arabs.

“Because of the statement of the victim, we assume it was an antisemitic attack,” a police spokeswoman told the FAZ paper on Monday. The police launched an investigation due to bodily injury. Frankfurt’s deputy mayor and treasurer Uwe Becker condemned the attack, saying it is an attack on “societal co-existence.”