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Attack Germany

Jewish restaurant attacked during Chemnitz protests

Source: welt

Chemnitz – German authorities are investigating reports that neo-Nazis attacked a Jewish restaurant in Chemnitz last month as far-right protests erupted in the city, according to Die Welt am Sonntag.

The newspaper reported that a group of around a dozen masked individuals stormed the kosher eatery Schalom on August 27, shouting “Get out of Germany you Jewish pig.”

The assailants allegedly threw stones and bottles at the restaurant, damaging the building’s facade and shattering a window. The owner, Uwe Dziuballa, was also reportedly injured after being hit on the shoulder with a rock.

An Interior Ministry spokesman cited by Welt said investigations were ongoing, but confirmed the incident “suggests at present a politically motivated crime with an anti-Semitic background.”

The German commissioner for anti-Semitism, Felix Klein, called on police and prosecutors to bring the perpetrators to justice and show that “anti-Semitic offenses will be swiftly punished.”

“If the reports are true, then we are dealing with a new level of anti-Semitic crime,” he said.

“It calls to mind the worst memories of the 1930s,” he added, referring to the rise of the Nazis and their murderous campaign to wipe out millions of Jews across Europe.