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Annual Report Denmark

2017 antisemitism report in Denmark

Source: mosaiske

In 2017, AKVAH (Jewish Society’s Mapping and Assay of Antisemitic Events) recorded 30 antisemitic incidents in Denmark.

This is an increase of eight incidents compared to 2016. Among other things, there has been an increase in the number of cases of physical harassment, threats and antisemitic expressions. The incidents are divided as follows: two cases of physical assault and harassment, three cases of threats, 24 cases of antisemitic statements and one case of harassment.

The report is based on reports from the Jewish Society of Mapping and Assay of Antisemitic Events (AKVAH).

The antisemitic incidents presented in the report do not provide an exhaustive picture of anti-Semitism in Denmark, since there is a high probability of a greater number of unreported incidents.

ACVAH collects data on antisemitic incidents since 2012 and publishes a report on registered events annually.

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