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Britain Surveys

One-third of Labour voters consider Corbyn to be antisemitic but would vote for him anyway

Source: mobopinions

MOBOPINIONS Insight, released a representative sample poll of 1,903 people in the United Kingdom. The poll found that the majority of Britons, 57%, do not think Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is Antisemitic and that his views are legitimate. 43% expressed an opinion that his views on Jews and Israel are Antisemitic. Two-thirds (65%) of Labour party voters said his views are legitimate but a full one-third (35%) said he was Antisemitic even though they intend to vote Labour in the next election. Among Conservative voters it was evenly split 51% vs. 49% in favor of those who think he is Antisemitic.

Men were slightly more likely to feel that Corbyn’s views are legitimate with 60% vs. 40% while women were more evenly split with 53% vs. 47%. There was an interesting trend among older Britons with 56% of 65-74 years old’s saying he is Antisemitic while only 44% said his views were legitimate. Among 75+ it was a different story with 70% saying his views are legitimate versus only 30% that believe he is Antisemitic.

Regionally the opinions matched the sample with the exception of Northern Ireland where 60% believe Corbyn is Antisemitic versus only 40% who think his views are legitimate. 64% of North West residents feel his views are legitimate with 36% thinking he is Antisemitic.

Mitchell Barak, a pollster and public opinion expert who has polled more than 5 million people in 160 countries, and co-founder at MOBOPINIONS said:

 “In spite of the public outcry in the media, especially on social networks, surrounding Corbyn and his statements about Jews and Israel, the British public seems convinced that his views are legitimate and NOT Antisemitic. He seems to be tapping into a large segment of the population that are not accepting of the objections being made by those trying to highlight his purported Antisemitism. While it may seem that continued publicity will help sway others to consider Corbyn Antisemitic it doesn’t seem to be having the intended effect. It may be that some of the offensive material, is quite old and is being brought to light currently for political reasons as elections may be drawing nearer.”

The poll of 1,903 respondents, a national, representative sample, was conducted exclusively through Android 58% and IOS 42% mobile devices, within 351 mobile apps, from 15th August through 22nd August 2018. The survey has a margin of error of 2%.