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France Threat

Death threats aimed at Jewish MP spark lockdown of French parliament building

Source: israelhayom

Paris – A Jewish MP received an envelope containing white powder and antisemitic death threats, prompting security to evacuate and lock down a wing of France’s parliament.

Security held the B wing of the French National Assembly in Paris on lockdown for over two and a half hours after French MP Meyer Habib reported receiving the letter on Monday. Chemical experts analyzed the powder contained in the envelope and determined that it presented no physical threat. 

 “Fat Zionist pig, you are not French. You do not belong in the Assembly. You are only a fucking Israeli terrorist with blood on your hands,” the letter read.

Habib is a French-Israeli who represents French expatriates in various Mediterranean countries. He also reportedly shares a long friendship with Irsaeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As a result of his heritage and political ties, Habib has faced scores of death threats, prompting French authorities to provide him with bodyguards.

“It is sad and disconcerting that we have reached a situation in which a member of the French parliament receives death threats because he is Jewish and a friend of Israel,” Habib said. “Beyond the personal matter, I am very concerned for the French Republic, and I think action and a response are needed at the highest levels.”