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Struggle against Antisemitism

Thousands sign petition seeking Corbyn’s ouster over Labour antisemitism

Source: CAA

A petition by a British antisemitism advocacy group calling for the resignation of UK Labour Party chief Jeremy Corbyn garnered over 5,000 signatures in a day.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism, founded in 2014, insisted “Jeremy Corbyn must go.” It urged Labour’s lawmakers to act, noting that “only 52 Labour MPs [are needed] to propose a challenger, or Labour MPs could propose a vote of no confidence, or set up their own political party. We call on the Parliamentary Labour Party to take action.”

The petition was posted to the change.org website on Saturday, the same day a Labour Party antisemitism campaign group filed a complaint against Corbyn over a 2013 speech in which he said that “Zionists” in Britain do not know history or understand English culture.

The CAA petition railed against “events from Jeremy Corbyn’s disturbing past” that “have trickled into the light.”

Back when “he could speak his mind without fear of scrutiny, [Corbyn] blamed Islamist terrorist attacks on Israel; defended an appalling antisemitic mural; honored a sheikh banned from the UK for saying that Jews drink non-Jews’ blood; said that a Hamas terrorist whose life’s work was the murder of Jews was his ‘brother’; held a repulsive event on Holocaust Memorial Day in which Jews were accused of being the successors to the Nazis; tried to have the word ‘Holocaust’ removed from the title of Holocaust Memorial Day; laid a wreath at a memorial for the Black September terrorists behind the Munich Massacre; and now we have heard that he made euphemistic comments to suggest that Jews are somehow un-British and foreign to the ways of our country,” it accused.

The petition garnered 5,581 signatures in its first 20 hours online.

It charged that Corbyn “over many years…sought to defend, honor, assist and promote antisemites and the context is that his actions have been consistent with those of an ideological antisemite. We had hoped that the Labour Party might at some point rise to the defense of British Jews by removing Jeremy Corbyn or by demanding his resignation, but the institutions of the once proudly anti-racist Labour Party are now corrupted and will not act.”

Earlier Saturday, Labour’s internal antisemitism advocacy group, Labour Against Antisemitism, said it lodged a formal complaint with the party against Corbyn for “antisemitism and for bringing the party into disrepute,” according to the Observer.

Calling for Corbyn’s immediate suspension, a spokesperson for the Labour group told the paper the Labour leader “must be subjected to the same scrutiny and procedures as any other member.”