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Chile propaganda

“Blood Libel” campaign in Chile

Source: Simon Wiesenthal Center

Santiago – The Simon Wiesenthal Center expressed outrage and alarm over the circulation of a visual showing blood dripping from the conductor of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. The group, currently on Latin American Concert tour, is scheduled to perform next Monday in Santiago, the capital of Chile.

The poster accuses Israel of genocide and being an apartheid state which uses culture and technology to cover up his crimes. It is being circulated by an organization that purports to represent the over 300,000 Chileans of Christian Palestinian descent, the largest Palestinian community outside of the Middle East.

“This is nothing less than a blood libel perpetrated by the Palestinian Federation of Chile which has adopted Hamas-style propaganda in demonizing the Jewish state and her supporters in the Jewish community in Chile,” said Simon Wiesenthal Center Associate Dean, Rabbi Abraham Cooper and Latin American Representative Dr. Ariel Gelblung.

“We expressed our concerns during a meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Carolina Valdivia who pointed out to us that Jews and Palestinians have lived peacefully in Chile for generations. But all parties agreed that the situation had changed with the introduction of such vile anti-Jewish hatred,” the SWC officials added.

“Against the backdrop of continuing violence in Gaza orchestrated by Hamas, the vile propaganda spread by the Palestine Federation of Chile–left unchallenged– could lead to attacks against the Jewish community,” Cooper and Gelblung also said.