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Britain Harassment

Labour Party investigating 252 over shocking antisemitic attacks on Margaret Hodge

Source: express

The complaints were made by the Jewish Labour Movement, which is attempting to fight antisemitism within the Labour Party.

Dame Hodge, a Jewish Labour MP who lost family in the Holocaust, was targeted by vile abuse by some pro-Corbyn social media users after she accused her party leader of being antisemitic.

A member of a Labour Party supporting Facebook group called for her to be “deported to her homeland Israel” whilst another called her “a zionist remedial cancer” and accused her of taking money from Israel.

The Labour Party’s head of complaints, Sophie Goodyear, told the Jewish Labour Movement: “We have now processed all 252 names and identified those who are members of the party.

“These individuals are now being dealt with through the next step of our procedure for complains of antisemitism”.