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Germany propaganda

Antisemitic propaganda on display in the park

Source: RIAS

Berlin, Mitte – a large number of antisemitic pamphlets were discovered in Kleinen Tiergarten Park in Moabit, Berlin on July 17. The laminated caricatures, photo-montage works and texts were strewn all over the park.

The pamphlets presented the anti-Semitic caricature of a Jewish man –under which a line was drawn similar to the one that appears in the film “The Exorcist”. Two motifs on the leaflets included cartoons depicting the the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia with an anti-Semitic description of Putin.

A number of photographs covered with lamination, photomontage collages and caricatures were joint by staplers to form fan-shaped booklets. These included, among other things, photos of Putin and Netanyahu and images related to the Arab-Israeli conflict, as well as descriptions of politicians who were drawn up as caricatures of Jews smeared in blood. Various texts in German and English were printed on the back of the photographs.

Anti-Semitic leaflets had previously been discovered in Berlin locality of Moabit in March.