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Desecration Ukraine

A mass grave in Berdychiv was desecrated

Source: facebook

Berdychiv – A Jewish mass grave located on the outskirts of the town of Berdichev in the Ukraine was desecrated last night by unknown perpetrators searching for valuables among the earthly remains of the dead who were murdered during the Holocaust.

Eduard Dolinsky, one of the leaders of the Jewish community in the region, posted a chilling image of the grave after it had been raided by local looters, on his Facebook account. The image shows, among other things, the braid of a Jewish woman and the remains of bones taken out of the grave and scattered in the area. Dolinsky reported that the looting of graves had been an ongoing occurrence in Ukraine for several years now and intensifies every summer. According to him, even though it is known that the Jews were stripped of all their valuables before their death, the looters keep searching relentlessly.

He further reported that the local police arrested a Ukrainian citizen three days previously while the latter had excavating another Jewish mass grave. Another suspect managed to flee from the scene. According to Dolinsky, about 18,000 Jews are buried in mass graves across the Ukraine, but he claims that the police are not doing enough to fight this disturbing phenomenon and those few arrested receive mild sentencing, having only to pay fines.

“This is a blunt offense to the memory of the Jews murdered during the Holocaust, a combination of vandalism and anti-Semitism, which stems from an anti-Semitic myth that the Jews were rich and there would certainly be valuables left in their mass graves, but the truth of the matter is that most of the Jews who were buried in these mass graves were buried stripped naked, and only in rare cases with any of their personal belongings.