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Delegitimization Sweden

Swedish parliament candidate: Israel should deport all Jews to the U.S.

Source: jpost

Stockholm – Pro-Palestinian activist and Swedish Parliamentary Candidate for the Feminist Initiative Party Oldoz Javidi suggested in an interview that the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was for Israeli Jews to leave for the United States.

“My unofficial opinion as an individual is a bit more fantasy-based. Israel has occupied another country. Driving people to flee from their own homes, taking their land and stolen their livelihood and freedom,” the activist said defending her position in the interview.

“Israel’s best friend is the United States, another infernal regime with vastly large land areas,” she continued. “So why don’t they invite their friends over and make room for them? They seem to do well in each other’s company.

“Then the Palestinians can live in peace and rebuild the land that once was theirs.”

Swedish Jewish political adviser, writer and activist Annika Rothstein called her out on Twitter for her comments, writing: “So… a candidate for parliament from the Swedish Feminist Party (FI) suggests “moving all the Jews from Israel to America” as a solution to the ME conflict. Moving Jews against their will to solve a problem? Sounds like a final solution to me. Solid feminist politics.”