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Delegitimization Tunisia

Hebrew inscription scares off antisemitic consumers in Tunisia

Source: europe-israel

Tying between antisemites and stupidity is a link that seemingly cannot be broken! A consumer in a big supermarket in Tunisia, the giant hypermarket, triggered a panic by chancing upon a product of the company Peel and Slice, packed in a carton with Hebrew letters on it.

The information in question was reported by a pro-Palestinian Internet user, Marwen Ben Mustapha, this Saturday, July 14, 2018. He reports that the Tunis City Shopping Center, there has a product on sale with a “Zionist” inspired packaging, a term used by local antisemites – that could conceal the fact that the product originated in the Jewish state.

“So today, as I was walking around the Giant hypermarket, my eyes were drawn to something. I look closely and notice the font of the writing on it looks strange, it looks like Hebrew. I approach the shelf and it is indeed Hebrew writing. So I do not know about you, but I personally do not know many countries that use Hebrew inscriptions on the products they market. I take a look at the barcode and I notice that it was concealed by a labeling that bears a Chinese bar code.”

Marwen Ben Mustapha, quickly reaches the same conclusion shared by all anti-Jewish activists.

“The money of Tunisian citizens is going into the coffers of an Israeli society that contributes in one way or another (taxes in particular) to the actions of a colonialist state that all wreaks havoc upon the lives of millions of Palestinians. “

This consumer, who probably has his mind set on becoming some kind of a national hero , adds:

“I just checked the inscription above the bar code: the product comes from an Israeli town called Savyon (סביון as it appears on the packaging..

The management of the Mall was alerted in due course. Operations to size large amounts of this product are in progress, it was stated.

The product, whose country of origin was unmasked by this anti-Israeli activist, Marwen Ben Mustapha, is in reality a simple cooking product made by the food company Peel and Slice.

Hebräische Buchstaben erschrecken antisemitische Konsumenten in Tunesien