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Australia Delegitimization

Jewish Australian MP targeted by anti-Israel vandals

Source: The Australian

Melbourne – The Melbourne office of a Jewish Australian parliamentarian was targeted with anti-Israel stickers on Saturday night, drawing condemnation from Jewish groups.

The office of Michael Danby, a Labor Party member, was covered with stickers underneath his name saying he was “Silent on apartheid” and “Silent on the mass murder of unarmed men, women, infants, children, medics and journalists.”

Other stickers added, “Silence gives Israel a green light to commit genocide… but only when it happens in occupied Palestine” and accused the MP of being “silent on ethnic cleansing.”

Alex Ryvchin, the head of Executive Council of Australian Jewry, said it was a “pitiful act” by “small-minded bigots.”

“Falling foul of small-minded bigots is what comes from standing for democratic values, opposing terrorism and supporting the human and national rights of the Jewish people,” he said.

A spokesperson for Danby told The Australian that the authorities had been notified about the attack.