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Antisemitic incidents Germany Harassment

31 pages containing messages of hatred and murderous threats against a Jewish restaurant owner in Berlin

Source: tageskarte

Berlin – Yorai Feinberg owns two restaurants in Berlin. The 36-year-old restaurateur receives up to 10 antisemitic emails on a daily basis, as well as clear threats of murder. A video showing a Jew hater expressing volatile hate speech against Jews, taken right in front of the restaurant in Berlin-Schonberg, was posted online in December. Feinberg himself has produced a video of that incident for the public and has signaled himself out for attack by antisemites.

“For a while now, I have been continuously receiving endless flows of e-mails containing hate speech and murder threats”, Feinberg reported. “Since the attorney’s office appears to have made little progress in prosecuting criminal offenses, the aggressive criminals are ever more indulgent.” A certain Internet user has referred to Feinberg in the most appalling way. “Jews and their victimhood fetish.” Or: “You, repulsive rats … you thrive on wiping others out.” He always announces, over and over again, his wish to pay a visit to Feinberg. Recently he also sent a video describing an execution.

In March, Feinberg had already filed a complaint against the man, and in mid-June he contacted again the National Bureau of Criminal Investigations. Since then little has changed. Feinberg now forwards the emails sent to him to two policeman, and they told him that they are familiar with the man, but they cannot tell Feinberg who he is they would only say that he lives far away from Berlin and that therefore Feinberg does not have to be worried. Feeling abandoned by the police, the restaurateur disclosed the threats of murder against him in a post online and asked for the support of his “fans”.

He does not want to let hate and threats intimidate him, Feinberg told Focus news magazine: “It is not about fear, but I am receiving clear murder threats. It is inevitable that something will happen, that is, that I will be attacked or that my restaurant will come under attack. They already launched fireworks at the building.” He said.

Sigmount Königsberg, in charge of antisemitism for the Jewish community in Berlin, also joined Feinberg’s cause and wises to arbitrate. On Monday he told the Tagesspiegel newspaper: The State Attorney’s Office is ready to hold a meeting, and the Senate administration for justice has been very cooperative. A date for a meeting will probably be agreed upon.