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Finland propaganda

Antisemitic graffiti on buses in Finland

Source: israelhayom

Turku – Ariel Mazig, an Israeli who lives in the city of Turku in Finland, saw antisemitic graffiti and swastikas a few days ago during a routine bus ride. “This is a very busy urban line that reaches the city center” Ariel told “Israel Hayom”. “I sat down in the back seats and suddenly I caught the swastikas, next to them were inscriptions with a marker and some stickers that someone tried to take off with the inscription: ‘Jews out’ and ‘We love Hitler’.

“I asked the driver if he was aware of all the slogans and graffiti on the bus … He said he knew the phenomenon, that his boss had also known about it for two months and that they were had not found any suitable material to remove a black marker. “

Following the antisemitic graffiti Mazig turned to the bus company. “As soon as I got off the bus I sent an email to the company and explained how I feel as a Jewish person – that it is stressful and that it is sad and outrageous and unreasonable that it takes them two months to remove a black marker and stickers when everyone knows about it. They answered; ‘thank you for your message, once we find the appropriate material that can remove stickers and a marker we will remove it. ‘”