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Germany propaganda

An antisemitic pamphlet found near a fountain in the vicinity of a synagogue


Freiburg – a pamphlet was discovered in the square of the ancient synagogue on July 11 containing references to antisemitic myths and conspiracy theories and reversing the roles between the actual perpetrators of the Holocaust and their unfortunate victims

Written on by hand, it further states that the fountain is also “a monument commemorating the many murdered Palestinians and the many people who are being starved by the activities of Jewish banks in third world countries.” It is further claimed that there is no need to “give the lobby of those involved (lots of money and power !!) to convince us of the need to make amends and atone for our crimes [indeed!]. The pamphlet states that the square belongs to the residents of Freiburg and not to a “Jewish lobby” [indeed!], While the Jewish victims were ostensibly looking down at “at the children and dogs splashing in the fountain with a lot of affection” and “could certainly not have felt they were being disrespected or dishonored in any way” !!!


On July 12, another pamphlet was discovered in the fountain next to the synagogue, with a similar message in defiance of Jewish memory. On the note (formerly in print) it was once again claimed that the fountain of the synagogue is also a “memorial site for the many Palestinians who were murdered by Israel while “the people playing joyfully in it are echoing Anne Frank’s sentiment who loved life …” whereas “the Jews living today” who loath to see this, are being taken to task for being sanctimonious and hostile to the idea of life while indulging in ambitions of power and control.”

Calling to “draw the line and put the past behind us”, the text includes further antisemitic motifs, and makes a reversal of roles between the criminals who caused the injustice and the victims who suffered it: “If the Germans who live today are constantly obliged to show remorse and guilt, how could they express sorrow and self-flagellation for the horrific victims of the Thirty Years’ War or the 2 million babies who were slaughtered by King Herod? “