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Antisemitic incidents Germany Harassment

An antisemitic incident in Charlottenbor

Source: bz-berlin

Charlottenburg, Berlin – a macabre caricature was posted opposite a kosher food retailer. The manager of a Jewish restaurant was targeted by a massive outpour of antisemitic e-mails. Some organizations now demand taking a firm stand against anti-Jewish hatred.

Reports of antisemitic incidents do not cease. On Friday, a cartoon was placed in front of the Kosher food supermarket Lampari located in Charlottenburg.

It contained a visible illustration of Vladimir Putin bearing a Magen David Adom (Red Shield of David) while playing soccer with a skull- the head of a dead man. “It was one step away from the door of our shop”, says owner Michel Mencherov (33). He does not know who was responsible for this vile act or what that anonymous perpetrator was trying to tell him “but the message is unequivocally antisemitic”, says Mansharov. This is the first time that his store had been targeted by such hostile actions. As far Mansharov is concerned, this is an indication that anti-Semitism is on the rise.