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Antisemitic posters in Bad Rothenfelde

Source: noz

Bad Rothenfelde – three anti-Jewish posters appeared on Tuesday in Bad Rothenfelde. The police are investigating for suspected incitement.

“The posters were probably put there during the night”, reports Manfred Kleimier of the police supervision office in Osnabrück. The first one was discovered by Hans-Peter Proubel on Tuesday morning. “I discovered the poster on my way to work”.  Disgusted by the content, he removed it from the wall in the center of the transport center there. “Just the right thing to do”, as the senior police commissioner says. He advises, in cases like these to remove the posters or inform the police – or do both. Hans-Peter Proubel also published his own experiences in various Facebook groups. His request in the matter: find all the posters as quickly as possible and remove them. At about the same time a very similar poster appeared, only a few meters away from the central bus station, at the information desk on Salinen Street. The police informed that shortly after that, they discovered a third poster.

The poster showed parts of an article from the weekly Jüdische Algemeine, considered as one of the periodic publications of German Jewry, which enjoys the widest circulation. In the same article, it is about football – its possibilities to do wonders, but above all, the special aspect of football as an engine of integration. In the margins, the author also mentions the football players Mesut Özil and Ilkay Gründogan. The title of the article: “terror of memory,” asks the reader to read the article while holding a “bag of excrement” within reach.