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Germany Struggle against Antisemitism

Antisemitism In German schools to be tackled with anti-bullying commissioners

Source: dw

Family Minister Franziska Giffey plans to fund 170 bullying prevention experts, who are to be sent to selected Germans schools, she told Thursday’s edition of German daily Rheinische Post.

Asked if antisemitism is a growing problem in schools now that Germany has more pupils from countries that are hostile to Israel, she replied that “Antisemitism in schools is a big problem.”

“We need to take religious bullying in classrooms and school playgrounds very seriously, regardless of who the bullies are,” she told the paper.

“In school, children must learn respect and how to live together peacefully, that is the foundation of a peaceful society.”

German schools, especially in the capital Berlin, have seen a rise in antisemitic incidents.

In the John F. Kennedy school, a student was bullied for months with anti-Jewish taunts and pictures of swastikas.

Other schools have reported antisemitic bullying and attacks motivated by anti-Israeli sentiment of some Muslim students.