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Ron Paul tweets racist, antisemitic cartoon

Source: haaretz

Former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul tweeted and then deleted a racist and antisemitic cartoon that he said was meant to explain “cultural Marxism.”

The cartoon shows four caricatures of different ethnicities – including a Jewish man with a hooked nose, a black man with exaggerated lips, an Asian man with slanted eyes and a man who looks like a Neanderthal – punching a cartoon of Uncle Sam with a shared red fist emblazoned with a hammer and sickle. The four men are shouting “Cultural Marxism.”

The beginning of the tweet reads “Are you stunned by what has become of American culture?

“Are you confused as to how every moral principle could be turned on its head so quickly?

“Well, it’s not an accident.

“You’ve probably heard of ‘Cultural Marxism,’ but do you know what it means?”

Though Paul deleted the image, it had already been saved by several social media users as a screenshot.

Paul, a former congressman from Texas, later tweeted and posted on Facebook the same rant against cultural Marxism but replaced the cartoon with the words “Political Correctness” overlaid with the “no” symbol, a red circle with a line through it.