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“Nazisraelisme” : antisemitic graffiti near a kosher bakery in Paris

Source: Times of Israel

Paris – Tuesday, June 20, the workers of the “La Délicieuse” bakery found an antisemitic graffiti on the floor at the entry of the store. In order to get into the store, they were forced all day long to pass the inscription ” Nazisraelisme ” sprayed in large white letters on the floor of the entrance.

“This is the first time that such a thing has happened” explains Isabelle, who has been working in the bakery for several years.

This area of ​​the 11th arrondissement in Paris near the Place de la Nation has become the center of the life of the Jewish community in Paris. Like the 17th arrondissement, Jewish shops – bakeries, butcher shops, caterers, restaurants, bookstores … – have flourished here in recent years.

“The truth is that I did not expect such a thing” she explains. We received lots of phone calls from people who wanted to encourage us, and even people of Muslim origin came into the store to tell us that they did not identify with such an act.