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Antisemitic incidents Germany Harassment

Antisemitic monologue in a pizzeria

Source: RIAS

Berlin –  on June 7th, an elderly customer held an anti-Semitic monologue in a pizzeria in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. It was only when he noticed the obvious discontent of another customer that he ended his antisemitic speech and left the premises without saying a word.

The man entered the business at around 2:30 PM and sat down at the bar. Immediately after greeting the workers, he started his monologue about politics and workers’ rights. He quickly began to express anti-American stereotypes, calling the United States among others a “state of murderers.” He spoke against the deployment of its troops in Germany, and said that the United States is controlled by “Jewish money”. According to him, those same Jews will also finance the wars of the United States of America. In addition, the man spoke of “Jewish criminals” and “Jews shit”.

The pizzeria workers did not say a word, but it was noticeable that they did not like it. At a certain point he saw a man, another customer, who showed him very clearly, through his facial expressions, that he wasn’t happy at all from what he was hearing. He than left the pizzeria.