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Harassment Italy uncategorized

Antisemitic graffiti on a hairdresser in Turin: “This is a Jewish shop”

Source: torino.corriere

Canavese, Turin – the shameful inscription “This is a Jew’s shop” (“Negozio ebreo”), a bucket of red paint, a car parked in flames. This is the balance of the night in Piazza Marconi, San Maurizio Canavese in the province of Turin, where these events occurred.

The goal of antisemitism and vandalism is Gianni Errichiello’s barbershop. The front door of the barbershop was smeared with red paint. And on the door appeared an A4, printed on the computer, with the inscription “This is a Jew’s shop” (“Negozio ebreo”) and the car parked in the parking lot opposite the barbershop was set on fire.