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Australian charity Cancels Tamika Mallory speech after ‘new low’ Israel remarks


An Australian not-for-profit cancelled Women’s March co-president Tamika Mallory’s scheduled speech after she made comments describing the establishment of Israel as a “human rights crime”.

Mallory was supposed to be the keynote speaker next week at the Victorian Council of Social Service’s ”Good Life” summit in Melbourne, until local Jewish groups raised concerns over her Israel comments and longstanding ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

A spokesman for the council told the Australian that it withdrew Mallory’s invitation because it didn’t want her remarks to “overshadow” the summit.

“VCOSS is concerned both by comments Ms. Mallory made in recent days regarding Israeli-Palestinian affairs, and the capacity for these remarks to overshadow the Good Life Summit,” the spokesman said.

Speaking at the U.S. Center for Constitutional Rights on Friday, Mallory remarked: “It’s clear you [Israelis] needed a place to go — cool, we got that. I hear that. But you don’t show up to somebody’s home, needing a place to stay, and decide that you’re going to throw them out and hurt the people who are on that land.”

“And to kill, steal, and do whatever it is you’re gonna do to take that land. That to me is unfair. It’s a human rights crime,” she added.

This is not the first time an advocacy group has cancelled on Mallory over her Farrakhan ties: A regional chapter of Planned Parenthood disinvited her from their gala in March.