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Germany Struggle against Antisemitism

Decision against antisemitism

Source: jedische-allgemeine

A large majority in the House of Representatives in Berlin, including the Social Democratic Party, the Christian Democratic Union, the Left, the Free Democrats and the Green Alliance.objected any form of Jewish hatred and emphasized the importance of Jewish life in the capital: “This credo explicitly condemns secondary antisemitism and antisemitism concerning Israel. It is the task of the entire society to stand up against hatred of Jews.”

The factions support the consistent struggle, prosecution and documentation of antisemitic criminal offenses, as well as the protection of victims and the strengthening of civil society. In accordance with the decision, the Senate is to submit by February 2018 a concept about prevention which will include the municipal association of Berlin.

ISRAEL – In their decision, the factions emphasize their solidarity with Israel and recognize the right of the Jewish state to self-defense. The Berlin Parliament has also clearly denounced the anti-Israeli BDS movement  and organizations, associations and individuals who de-legitimize Israel’s existence as a Jewish state or otherwise act in an antisemitic manner.

With regard to Al-Quds Day, which is held every year, the House of Representatives asked the competent authorities to impose restrictions and prosecute consistently for violations in this regard. “Berlin will not accept any slogans, motifs or antisemitic signs of antisemitic organizations (such as Hizbullah, Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) – in rallies in the streets and in the public sphere.”

The factions recognize in their resolution the responsibility of Germany for the Holocaust. This also involves the future funding of memorial and remembrance acts, as well as the commemoration of the victims. “The propaganda work on classic antisemitism and the one that relates to Israel, the history and the implications of National Socialism and the Holocaust, constitutes for us the essential core of historical-political education”.