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Annual Report Germany

165 antisemitic criminal offenses in the first quarter of 2018 in Germany

Source: katholisch

In response to a left-wing parliamentary inquiry, the federal government published on Thursday the following temporary data: 165 antisemitic criminal offenses were reported in the first quarter of this year, including three acts of violence and 42 propaganda offenses. Three people were allegedly injured.

In their response the government also declared that the vast majority of the criminal offenses (149) including two acts of violence that have been reported, were based on right wing motives. The third act of violence was associated with “religious ideology.” According to data provided by the government, the police investigated 64 suspects in all the cases; however, no one has been arrested.

According to statistics, 1,504 criminal offenses motivated by political and anti-Semitic motives were recorded in 2017, including 37 acts of violence and 214 propaganda offenses. 739 suspects were interrogated, and 10 people were arrested.