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Annual Report Germany

A high number of antisemitic criminal offenses

Source: ovb-online

The number of antisemitic criminal offenses in Bavaria declined last year. 148 incidents were registered and thus remained at a high level. This emerges from a parliamentary answer to the query of the Green Party in parliament. Most of the criminal offenses against Jews or Jewish institutions were based on political, social, racial or religious reasons and occurred in Upper Bavaria (67), followed by Central Franconia (20) and Swabia (19). The lowest number of incidents were in Oberpfalz (5) and Lower Bavaria (9). In Upper Franconia the police recorded eleven incidents, and 17 in Lower Franconia.

When comparing the number of antisemitic incidents in the last decade, the highest number of incidents happened in 2007 (203) and in 2016 (181). In most cases, these were popular incitement acts, vandalism, and so-called propaganda offenses. Serious offenses, such as physical injuries, have so far been the exception, and in 2017 only one such case appears in the statistics. As for the 83 offenders or suspects in the acts, which have been investigated so far by the police, the data show that in the vast majority (67) they were men with German citizenship, aged between 22 and 50.