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Annual Report France

Annual Report of CNCDH – The fight against racism, antisemitism and xenophobia for 2017

Source: cncdh

The National Human Rights Audit Committee (CNCDH), an independent national report on the struggle against all forms of racism, publishes its 27th annual report on the struggle against racism, antisemitism and xenophobia.

With more than 750 complaints submitted each month, the report shows that in 2017 the numbers regarding racist acts reported to police forces are still declining. Despite this positive trend, racism in France is still very worrying; the increase of violent acts requires great vigilance. Even if those numbers apply to all minorities, it seems that the Jews are more vulnerable.

Only 3% of the victims of racist acts file a complaint with the police while 17% do so when they suffer from threats and 30% in cases of racist violence. This low number of complaints is also called “the black number“.

The most violent acts of racism lead to the prevalence of “ordinary” racism, which affects the daily lives of a number of people (hostile looks, discriminative police checks, insulting speech, discrimination when searching for an apartment or job …). The nonprofit organizations declare that exposure to these more subtle expressions of racism has become a routine and a habit among the victims. CNCDH calls upon public authorities to recognize without delay the severity of the phenomenon and to mobilize all means to combat it.

CNCDH welcomes the adoption of the new Inter-ministerial Program for Combating Racism and Antisemitism (2018-2020), submitted by the Prime Minister on March 19, 2018. The program was inspired by the recommendations formulated and communicated to DILCRAH by CNCDH in December 2017.

In its annual report, CNCDH offers additional ways to promote programs on citizenship in schools and to fight against the wave of hate on the Internet and calls on public authorities to demonstrate their commitment to those programs.