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School board director accused of being antisemitic to rabbi resigns

Source: pittsburgh.cbslocal

Monroeville, PA – The Gateway School District board director has resigned in the wake of criticism.

Steven O’Donnell is accused of being antisemitic to a rabbi.
Rabbi Barbara Symons of Temple David in Monroeville said she had a conversation with O’Donnell a few weeks ago, in which he did not address her as Rabbi” and made a disparaging comment about her yarmulke.
Reverend David Morse spoke on her behalf at the board meeting Thursday night.
In the middle of the conversation, Mr. O’Donnell said, ‘Did you know you have a thing on your head?’” said Reverend Morse. “Offense was rightly taken by Rabbi Barbara.”
Another board member said that everyone assumed the board director was going to apologize to the Rabbi at Thursday night’s meeting, but he didn’t, and the board member said the situation really blew up.
And the only thing I can assume in respect to your letter is that you judge yourself to be superior to me,” O’Donnell said. “Perhaps it’s because you’re a Jew…”
The director said he said his resignation is because he’s moving out of the district, not because of the controversy.