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Britain Struggle against Antisemitism

Football supporter found guilty of antisemitic tweet

Source: CST
On 3 March 2018, a Twitter user, known as Lee Munns, was sentenced to community service and a fine after being found guilty of committing a Section 4a Public Order Offence after posting an antisemitic tweet in August 2017. Munns was previously implicated in a racism scandal involving Chelsea fans on the Paris metro. CST’s partner, Kick It Out, worked closely on the case to ensure it was dealt with by the Crown Prosecution Service.
In August 2017, Lee Munns posted an antisemitic tweet stating; “Hitler isn’t the only one that can silence 70,000 Yids.” This tweet was posted in reference to a Tottenham Hotspur defeat by Chelsea at the start of this season. CST receives many social media incidents related to football, often targeting Tottenham Hotspur FC; a club associated with having a Jewish fan base. “Yid” is often part of the language included in these football-related antisemitic online incidents. “Yid” has a history of use as an antisemitic insult and whilst some Tottenham fans refer to themselves as “yids,” it is often deliberately used as an insult by other football fans. When the term is used alongside discourse about the Holocaust or Hitler, as was the case here, it is done to upset and degrade Jews.