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Orbán blames all of Hungary’s problems on a Jew – and wins big

Source: haaretz
Analysis / Michael Colborne

Viktor Orbán’s resounding victory in Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Hungary shows that, even in the 21st century, you can win an election by blaming all your country’s problems on a Jew.

Orbán’s right-wing Fidesz party secured nearly 49 percent of the vote, an increase of approximately 4 percent from 2014. Fidesz also looks to have secured yet another parliamentary supermajority, which would enable Orbán and Co. to amend the country’s constitution and further consolidate a regime that one commentator, Princeton University politics Prof. Jan-Werner Müller, has called an “electoral autocracy.”
It’s the culmination of a hate-filled campaign that, for Orbán, was focused on only one issue: Muslim migrants and the apparent threat they pose to Hungary and Europe’s existence.
The personification of that threat isn’t hard to miss on the streets of Budapest: Hungarian-born financier George Soros.
Orbán was himself once the recipient of a grant from Soros, but he has long waged a nasty campaign against the Jewish philanthropist, accusing him of plotting to take control of the country.
Michael Colborne is a Canadian journalist based in Prague who covers all things central and eastern Europe. He tweets at @ColborneMichael.