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Anne Frank House banned Orthodox Jewish employee from wearing his skullcap at work

Source: Daily mail

Amsterdam– A Jewish employee at Anne Frank House could not believe his ears when his bosses banned him from wearing a skullcap at work.

Barry Vingerling turned up for work on his first day at the museum in Amsterdam and was told to take off his ‘yarmulke’.
The 25-year-old was told wearing the skullcap might endanger the neutrality of the foundation which runs the museum and ‘influence its work combating antisemitism’.
The Dutchman was told the brimless cap, also known as a kippah, was banned by the Anne Frank House as employees were not allowed to wear Jewish symbols.
The museum told Mr Vingerling he had to apply for formal permission to wear a yarmulke.
Anne Frank Foundation managing director Garance Reus-Deelder said the museum did not have a policy on the wearing of religious clothing.
‘We never had an employee before who wanted to wear a yarmulke, headscarf or cross,’ she said.

‘We first wanted to know if a religious expression would interfere with our independent position. The Anne Frank Foundation is an independent organisation without religious ties.’