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Hate of the Jews 2018: The Language of the Nazis

Source: Informationsstelle Antisemitismus Kassel

Essen – Thoughts and stereotypes of an antisemitic worldview that are prevalent and present often present similarity points to Nazi antisemitism, which led to the mass murder of the Jews in Europe. A recent example is the statement made by the owner of a Muslim snack shop from Essen, published on Sunday by Spiegel TV:

“Hitler said:” I will let a few Jews live so people will know why I killed them. And he was right. I think, these people want to have everything, they want to have all the countries, everything. Our Imam said that Israel was a big mistake, a cancerous tumor, and if you do not remove the cancer from you, it stays in your head and your body”.

The owner: “Barbar Grill”, Essen, 2018

And here a passage from an article published by the Nazi Josef Goebels:

“It would not have been possible to understand the war if we had not written and explained that the international Jewry is the driving force behind the unnatural activism which unites our enemies. … The people want a just and lasting peace; but the Jews are against it … The Jews are to blame for all this calamity! Therefore we must ask to bring this matter to justice, quickly and thoroughly! ”

Josef Goebels, January 21, 1945.

Both implicitly or explicitly state that all humanity is the victim of the Jews, in order to simultaneously justify the mass murder of the Jews as a necessary “defensive step”. At the same time, the Jews are dehumanized by being called a “cancerous tumor” or the driving force behind “all the unnatural activity.”