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Britain Struggle against Antisemitism

‘Three billboards outside UK’s Labour HQ’ against failure to stop antisemitism

Source: i24news

Three billboards were erected outside the UK’s Labour head office on Monday in a graphic protest against the burgeoning antisemitism that appears to have taken root in the party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

Capitalized bold black letters daubed on three huge red placards read: “Holocaust deniers harboured by Labour”, “Failure to act on antisemitism” and “Institutional antisemitism in Corbyn’s Labour.”
Inspired by the Oscar-nominated film ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ that tells the story of a bereaved mother who, after her daughter is raped and murdered, assembles three billboards outside of her home, publicly shaming the sheriff for his inaction for not identifying the attacker.
Like the film, the ‘Community United against Labour Party antisemitism’ (Culpa) responsible for constructing the visual protest, hopes to have a public impact and will be ferrying the placards around a number of notable London landmarks until 4pm. Display sites include Parliament Square, Westminster Bridge and Whitehall.
 This grassroots initiative reflects frustration at how little has been done by Labour to tackle antisemitism,” Culpa said, according to the UK’s Jewish Chronicle. “Every day seems to bring new revelations…these are unprecedented times which call for unprecedented action.”

The initiative was crowdfunded by approximately 130 donors.