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Konstanz Theater: With free swastika in performance

Source: huffingtonpost
Konstanz – “For a free ticket, you agree to wear a swastika symbol in the auditorium.The icons are available before the performance at the entrance of the auditorium,” writes Theater Konstanz on his home page.
With this action, he promotes the satirical piece “Mein Kampf” .But that’s not all: the first will take place on April 20 – the anniversary of Adolf Hitler .. Directed by the German satirist Serdar Somuncu
Those who prefer to buy a ticket get a Jewish star in passing.With a yellow star of David, the Nazis scored people in the Third Reich, who were considered Jews according to the racial laws of Nuremberg
Friends of the theater and the Jewish community are shocked. “The insipidity has a program. We think this weird marketing thing is unacceptable. There is a third option: you can not buy a theater ticket, “say Ruth Frenk and Heinz Freudenberger about the action of the German-Israeli Society and the Association for Jewish Cooperation. Christian for the “Südkurier”.