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Irvine man charged with hate crimes after ‘kill lists’ of Jewish community members, antisemitic literature found in his home

Source: cbslocal

Irvine, CA – Nicholas Wesley Rose, from Irvine has been charged with hate crimes after antisemitic literature and lists detailing his desire to kill Jewish community members and target places or worship were found in his home, officials said Thursday.

Nicholas Wesley Rose, 26, was also found to be in possession of 22 ammunition and “kill lists” of prominent members in the Jewish community when police searched his home on Tuesday, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office said.
The stash of violent and offensive material was discovered after Rose allegedly told a family member about his desire to kill people, specifically mentioning threats against Jewish people, on Monday.



The relative called Orange police, who searched his Irvine home the next day, DA’s officials said.
A set of steps titled “killing my first Jew” was found there along with the bullets, anti-Semitic pamphlets and lists of targets, prosecutors said.

Rose was arrested following the search of his home.

The 26-year-old has since been charged with three felony counts of attempted criminal threats, three misdemeanor counts of violation of civil rights and three sentencing enhancement counts for hate crimes, officials said.