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Belgium propaganda

An antisemitic statement by Belgium’s former prime minister

Source: JTA
Antwerp – Belgium’s former prime minister is facing accusations of antiemitism after complaining in an interview that the kingdom has become a country “of Antwerp diamond dealers.”
Elio di Rupo, a Socialist politician, was accused of dog whistling in an interview published Friday in the L’Echo newspaper.
Belgium cannot be governed the way it is today: solely for the richest and most powerful,” Di Rupo said. “It’s a Belgium of Antwerp diamond dealers that we have today when we need a much more pluralistic Belgium. It’s an unapologetic right-wing policy that presumes to know everything, but is belied by statistics.”

The diamond district of the Belgian city of Antwerp for decades was dominated by Jews. However, since the 1980s, Jewish traders have gradually been replaced by south Asians, who now are believed to outnumber Jewish ones.