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Attack Germany

Antisemitic attack on participants in “Berlin wearing a Kippa”

Source: RIAS
Berlin – on their way to a demonstration under the heading “Berlin wearing a Kippa”, a group of six people was attacked last Wednesday and the attackers shouted antisemitic insults. Four of the people who were attacked wore skullcaps, and two of them wore a chain with a Star of David. 

The four were walking along Eisenecker Street in the Schöneberg area, when they saw a group of six men and one woman walking on the other side of the street. All of a sudden, the group began to run in their direction. The four tried to continue their way, but the group blocked them. One man asked, “So where do you want to go? to the Zionists’ event on Fazanen Street?” One of the victims asked them – “But, come on, stop the shit!” as he tried to keep walking. But the group again blocked their way. One man spat at on the floor next to them while another man spat in the face of another person. In addition, they shouted: “Disappear, you Jews” and “We will break your head, you anti-Germans.” Then five of the seven men began to step on the victims. They managed to defend themselves and the attackers retreated. When they were already far away the attackers shouted: “Boycott Israel!”