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An antisemitic pamphlet written by a priest was found in a prominent place in the church of Servi

Source: corriereromagna

Cesena –  “The Jews today are also guilty for the death of God. Jews still kill God today. The crimes committed against them are terrible, but they are guilty for killing God. Their persecutions do not make them innocent including their cruel persecution by the early Christians. All their political, religious, social, and financial machinations and intrigues explain, but don’t justify the Nazi response, even if we have to condemn their brutality and inhumanity.”

Those are not the words of some Holocaust denier or the hallucinatory thoughts of some integral Catholic man of the previous centuries. This is the content of a booklet found in the Serbian Church in Cesena in 2018. It was written several decades ago by a priest.

But someone has decided to hide it. Yesterday all the pamphlets on the table next to the entrance, which contain various publications on religion, have disappeared.

It is certainly not a secret that in the past the Catholic Church was hostile to Judaism. But fortunately, they have overcome this ideology a long time ago.

On the other hand, there is still room for such horrifying thoughts as those published in the booklet in the Serbian Church, written by the Rev. Giorgio Maffei, a resident of Ferrara and a priest for 63 years, who died in Rimini at the age of 94, In November 2015. He stayed in the monastery of Madonna di Loreto induring the last 13 years of his life. He was a follower of the famous conservative archbishop Lefebvre, an uncompromising guardian of the Catholic tradition.

The pamphlet he wrote was called “The Evil Winemakers”. On Facebook, Piero Pasini has expressed his outrage over the contents of the pamphlets he happened to encounter two days ago. He showed a few pages of it such as the one in which it is written that “we (the Catholics – the editor’s note) must forgive just like Pius 12th did, but we must resist and raise our voices against the irrational ecumenical sympathetic attitude towards the Jews, which contradicts truth and history.”

Pope John Paul II, apologized during a historic visit to the Holy Land in 2000, for the antisemitism that for too long poisoned Christian communities.