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Struggle against Antisemitism Sweden

Sweden spends $1.7 million to fight antisemitism

Source: sivtelegram
The official Stockholm wants the young people as much as possible visited the Holocaust memorial. For this the Swedish government has initiated a number of programs dedicated to increasing awareness of Nazi crimes against Jews, Gypsies and other victims of persecution.
In General, to combat the rising tide of neo-Nazism Sweden Stockholm plans to spend 15 million kroons (1.7 million dollars) within three years.
“Nazism and racism are widening and spreading. Therefore, we are initiating these programs to more young people familiarized themselves with information to combat anti-democratic forces which appear in Sweden,” reads the statement of the Minister of culture Alice Bah Kunka.
In the framework of the anti-Nazi struggle of the Commission against antisemitism will allocate 12.8 million kronor (1.4 million dollars) to organize excursions to the memorials of the Holocaust, and the state Forum for living history will have to develop educational materials on this subject.