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Antisemitic incidents Britain

Student at British private school tried to force-feed ham pizza to Jewish student

Source: JTA

Bristol – A teenage student at a prestigious
British private school was suspended for trying to force-feed a slice of ham
pizza to a Jewish student while others watched.


The incident at Clifton College
in Bristol, in southwest England, occurred in December but was first reported
by the local media on Wednesday.


The Jewish
student, 15, “suffered psychologically” from the incident, according to the
Bristol Post. He continues to attend the school, as do the teens who attempted
to force him to eat the ham-topped slice. The newspaper reported it was a short
suspension but did not say how long.


Eating pork products is
forbidden in Jewish kosher law.


“While the pupil concerned felt
that this was not an anti-Semitic act, the school considered the incident to be
completely unacceptable, falling far short of the high standards we expect from
our pupils,” a school spokesman told the local media. He said the school, which
has students from preschool to high school, conducted a “thorough
investigation” and that “proportionate and appropriate sanctions were put in


The Christian school was
founded in 1862 and opened a boarding house for Jewish students called Polack’s
House in 1878, which closed in 2005. The Polack Center, which contains a
synagogue, remains at the school, and offers Jewish studies, Hebrew teaching,
and bar and bat mitzvah preparation.


An unnamed member of the
Bristol Jewish community told the local newspaper that the incident was “not
the first case of anti-Semitism at Clifton College. The fact it happened in the
first place is awful, but the way in which Clifton College has brushed it under
the carpet is much worse.


“For someone who is Jewish and
never eaten pork, this is truly horrible thing to go through.”