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Antisemitic incidents United States תעמולה

Antisemitic flyer found at university of Minnesota

Source: forward


An antisemitic flyer was posted Monday on a
bulletin board at the University of Minnesota.


The flyer, which has been
removed, claimed that Jewish politicians like Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer
were behind political gun control efforts. It also featured antisemitic
caricatures of scheming Jews with beards and long noses. It was listed as
having been “brought to you by” the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, the
same one listed on flyers put up around campus in February 2017.


The Jewish Community Relations
Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas made a statement that
they condemn the hateful messages, and praised the fast action to remove them.


The flyers were posted only
weeks after a university referendum passed a motion in support of the
anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. Previous antisemitic
incidents on campus had also come after pro-BDS campaigns, but Hillel director
Benjie Kaplan told local website
 that there is no evidence linking the two events as
of yet.