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Macedonia Struggle Struggle against Antisemitism מאבק

Macedonia adopts definition of antisemitism that mentions Israel hatred

Source: jpost

The Balkan nation of Macedonia joined the United Kingdom, Romania and
Bulgaria in adopting a definition
of antisemitism
that includes the demonization of Israel.


Macedonia, where the 75th anniversary of the deportation of the
country’s Jews during the Holocaust is being commemorated this week, adopted
the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition last week, the
World Jewish Congress said on its website.


Next month, the country will see the opening of the Holocaust Memorial
Center for the Jews of Macedonia. Designed by Berenbaum Jacobs Associates, the
new museum tells the story of the Macedonian Jewry beginning two millennia ago
to the growth of the community as a haven from the Spanish Inquisition all the
way to post-Holocaust Jewish Macedonia.