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Annual Report France

2017 racist incidents in France

Source: interieur

Racist incidents ranging from vandalism to physical attacks decreased overall in France last year, despite a rise in violence targeting Jews and Muslims, an official report said yesterday.

The interior ministry issued its latest figures just two days after a suspected antisemitic attack on an eight-year-old boy wearing a kippa in the Paris region.

In 2015, following the jihadist attacks of January and November, incidents reported to police including violence, fires and vandalism as well as threats spiked at more than 2,000.

Racist incidents declined considerably in 2016, and last year 950 acts were recorded, a drop of 16 per cent.

However, violent acts targeting minorities increased, from 67 to 72 against Muslims and from 77 to 97 against Jews, the report said.

The ministry’s figures for attacks on religious sites painted a mixed picture.

For the first time since 2008, such attacks have decreased overall, down 7.5 per cent from 2016.

Christian sites, the most heavily targeted, saw a 7.5 per cent drop to 878 incidents, and attacks on Muslim sites fell 15 per cent to 72.

But Jewish sites saw a 22 per cent spike in attacks, even though the total number was relatively low at 28.