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Antisemitic incidents Uruguay

Hotel refuses to accept Israelis because of Israel’s policy

Source: ynet

Barra de Valizas – Amit Bardush (22) from Even Yehuda and her partner went on their big trip to America. A trip that is supposed to be a once in a lifetime experience. An experience that will not be forgotten, but not necessarily for the right reasons. After traveling for about a month in South America, Argentina and Chile, the two arrived in Uruguay.

Last Monday, when they were on their way to the resort village of Barra de Valizas in Uruguay’s Roca district, Bardush and her partner booked a room through Booking. The hotel they chose was the Buena Vista Valizas. The two were asked to pay a down payment for the accommodation in the area, and the two made their way to the destination. They did not know that after a few hours the situation would change completely.

“Shalom, we have returned your down payment, we did not see that you are from Israel. I am vehemently opposed to your country’s policy and you are not welcome to stay in my home” the cancellation notice stated.

“A few hours after their order was successfully completed and approved, Booking sent an e-mail that the order has been canceled together with an explanation from the hotel” says Amit’s father, Yul Bradush. “The result was that late at night when they were already close to their destination, they had nowhere to sleep.”

Booking Israel also wrote that they apologize for the incident: “I would like to personally apologize for the inconvenience caused to you by Booking.com. We take racism very seriously and the issue has been reported to the relevant department”.

“This notice does not represent Booking in any way but solely the hotel mentioned above. We would like to make sure that you have been able to stay in an alternative accommodation. If you had additional costs due to the situation, please send us your payment receipts, and we will try to assist you as much as we can”.

Following our letter the website removed the hotel from their list and they responded: “”when we heard about this case, we immediately spoke with the customer, we offered to cover the costs incurred in finding an alternative place to stay, and we removed the hotel from our site. We are investigating”.

“Booking.com does not accept discrimination of any kind, and if we hear that one of the hotels listed in our site had a discriminatory behavior, we investigate the matter and consider of course the removal of this hotel from our site.”