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Annual Report Germany

228 antisemitic incidents in Berlin since January

Source: tagesspiegel

According to the figures published between January and December 15, 2017, the number of antisemitic incidents in Berlin decreased slightly in 2017.  There have been 228 antisemitic incidents during those eleven and a half months.

In the same period last year, there have been 231 incidents. Most of them were “politically motivated crimes – by right wing extremists.”

So far 202 cases (compared to 206 last year) have been reported. The other 28 offenses are divided over the other areas. “Politically motivated crime – on the left” and “politically motivated crime – a foreign ideology”. This refers to acts of religious or foreign origin.

But the number, says police commissioner Martin Halweg, is much higher. “Many cases of antisemitism in the daily life are often not reported”, says Halweg. The manner in which the police investigate and report data on antisemitic incidents is repeatedly criticized – for example, by the independent experts on antisemitism.