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Antisemitic incidents United States

Man threw fire extinguisher at elderly man, used anti-Jewish slurs

Source: nypost

Fordham Manor, Bronx, NY – A 41-year-old Yonkers man broke into a Jewish nursing home in the Bronx and assaulted an 84-year-old resident Saturday, police sources said.

Alen Califano walked into the University Avenue facility while allegedly smoking a joint, sources said. He damaged property in a 61-year-old man’s room before moving on to an 84-year-old man’s room.

Califano allegedly demanded money from the nursing home resident, police sources said. He became violent when the victim refused.

“I’ll kill you, you fucking Jew,” Califano said, according to police sources.

He allegedly struck the man with some sort of cardboard tube, causing lacerations to the victim’s mouth and forehead. Califano also threw a fire extinguisher at the man, who was able to block it.

The Yonkers man was arrested by police in the building’s lobby, police sources said. They found a collapsible baton on him.

Police charged Califano with robbery, assault as a hate crime, burglary, burglary causing physical injury, criminal possession of a weapon and possession of marijuana.