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Italy Surveys

Poll: 11% of Italians are antisemites. Most of them from central and south Italy

Source: osservatorioantisemitismo

According to a survey carried out by IPSOS in cooperation with the Antisemitism Observatory (Osservatorio Antisemitismo) of the CDEC Foundation, 11% of Italians are antisemites. This percentage may not express much, but it does indicate – if one reads the report well – all those who consistently respond negatively to any issue of Jews and Israel.

The typical antisemite is a male, little educated, a resident of central and south Italy, right-wing, expressing a similar rejection of immigrants in general and very polarized on other issues as well. This is a fixed figure. Ten years ago, they were 12%. The reports of the last few weeks show a picture of this active antisemitism that raises its head: marches with nostalgic symbols, antisemitic images in stadiums, and an antisemitic rhetoric online.

But this is not only words; it is organized by political organizations and movements that participate in local elections and parliament. The version that can be read and repeated in various places in this context, “but true antisemitism is in the Muslim world” is misleading.

There must be antisemitism in the Muslim world, very widespread and violent, and it must be dealt with and resisted in appropriate political and cultural activities. But this does not diminish the risk of antisemitism, which we can define as “classical,” politically and culturally. In this case I am interested in the first part, “politically.”